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Imagine your home office: a business that keeps on attracting customers no matter what. Annique IS that business.

Did you know that by becoming an Annique Independent Consultant, you will earn 20% on each product that you sell and as you grow, even more? This is true! That is why you never just join Annique; you actually start your own legit and very professional business.

Your own personal Annique webshop like this one, is your office. With your Annique website, you will reach people anywhere, anytime. Covid or non-Covid! This means that your business runs even when you cannot attend to it for whatever reason.

Sign up to become an independent consultant via this website, and you will get your webshop FOR FREE. Yes, you’ve read this right. You will own a website or webshop as we call it, for free. Absolutely no setups or designs fees are charged, we do your logo, you have loggins abilities, you can upload your own products – and your products and stock will be updated daily by us.

Annique gives you opportunity to reach full potential to grow as a business – it doesn’t matter where in South Africa you live, you can join our Annique team and be part of this family, without a problem. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman either! We’re non biased in every regard. We have no boundaries other than to do honest and rewarding work!

You may wonder – what do you have to do to get all this. But I’ll tell you straight away – just sell!


Think about it – whether you buy for yourself or sell to others – 20% is a lot! We make way less than that in the office equipment industry, I can assure you of that.

Annique takes things a lot further … are you aware of their incentive drives, cars to be won, trips to be won? We won’t always be facing a Covid pandemic. Things will change sooner or later, and life will continue as it already does. History shows us that and we will be on top of our game, ready to pack our bags and travel our winning trips.

So don’t delay. Become part of this dynamic team today still, earn money and be your own boss. Work like so many of us from home, from a mountain top, from a coffee shop, from bed! Work from wherever you want, because a wonderful product range provided by plus an awesome webstore by with stock and specials updated daily, will give you wings.

I feel very excited and cannot wait to welcome you to the family!

Till then, all the best.

Petro Mc Kenzie


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