FY Q10 Therapy 30ml


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Q10 Therapy is a rich, effective anti-ageing cream that contains pure coenzyme Q10 that naturally energises the cells to help them perform better and to promote youthful and healthier skin. Energy is the key to natural skin rejuvenation – helping skin metabolism go fast-forward to restructure collagen fibres (tightens skin); to reproduce youthful new cells; to restore blood circulation, and to distribute bio-available nutrients. Green Rooibos has free-radical-quenching abilities that help to protect skin and preserve a more youthful look. Also contains other potent plant extracts: ✔️Soothe+ soothes sensitive skin conditions ✔️Revive+ provides potent anti-ageing properties ✔️EPO rejuvenates the skin ✔️VNA10+ promotes skin renewal Benefits: ✔️Energy drink for your skin ✔️Loss of skin firmness ✔️Evens out skin-tone ✔️Refines and recharges skin ✔️Assists in enhancing the effectiveness of other Annique skincare products ✔️Boosts cell energy ✔️Boosts skin metabolism

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