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Emergency kit MUST HAVES

Combat dry skin this winter!

It’s that time of the year – the time of lovely hot soups, fat cakes, oranges, lovely red wines of how about an old brown sherry, warm blankets and snuggles in front of warm and cosy fireplaces and of course … the dreaded C word. For some of us the common cold, for some of us the much feared Covid-19 and for some of us other diseases like flue, bronchitis, pneumonia.

All of the above is hits me close to home as I have loved ones that I would rather want to spare any negatives outcomes of these terrible illnesses. Annique is a well known product – and one of thé very reasons why I buy the product, is because of the Resque range. You cannot be without it. Not only does it help you breathe, it has tons of plusses that make these products, musts for your emergency kits.

Also have a look at our moisturizers

Keep warm, keep healthy.

Petro Mc Kenzie